Find out if the Family Glitch Fix will benefit you! Previously, you may not have qualified for a subsidy to apply towards health insurance purchased through marketplace, due to being offered coverage through an employer sponsored health plan.  

However, October 2022, the IRS has finalized changes, making some families newly eligible for subsidies (starting in 2023), as long as the coverage offered through the employer is deemed “unaffordable.” Employer sponsored coverage is deemed “unaffordable” if the cost to add the dependents is more than 8.39% of the household income for 2024.

Note that the employee will have a separate affordability determination, based on the cost of coverage for the “employee only” cost, so it may be possible for employer sponsored coverage to be affordable for the employee, but not their dependents. In that case, the dependents may be eligible for a subsidy in the marketplace, but the employee would not.  

To find out if your dependents may pass the “affordability test” use this “affordability calculator” to help you determine if your dependents may qualify to apply for a subsidy. Use household Income Gross W2 income and Net (after business expenses) for Self Employment income: 

Here is a video to explain what the Family Glitch Fix is and if you’re one of the 5 million individuals that this change may benefit:  Affordable Health Insurance Coming for Newly Eligible Families!!

* This tool provides info based on the amounts you enter & is not a guarantee you will qualify for a subsidy. We recommend you work with a licensed agent to help you determine your eligibility.  

MediGapPros LLC does not collect or store any personal information from individuals using our calculator. 

View the full list of which types of income to include in your household income: